Thank you for your interest in Unknown Comics!

The Mission

It is Unknown Comics’ mission to provide consistent, high-quality content so that its readers may be better able to create successful and high-quality comics.

What’s the big idea?

1I, Phillip Allen, think up or ask the lovely readers and fans to tell me what to research and write about. The topics range from defining characteristics of comics, like their structure. Tools used for comic creation. Practices used by others in the industry. As well as any industry trends.

2I research like there is no tomorrow. I look high and low. Website after website, internet page after page. I even read... *gulp*... books.
It's tough to find books that touch on details, the likes covered in my articles. I've even interviewed members of the industry to account for their thoughts and experiences.

3Finally I organize my thoughts and research. Then finish writing an article and edit. If it all looks good I release it for all my readers. Then you leave encouraging comments that help me continue my work. The end result, we all learn something useful. I even get to use it later when I decide to get around and write my own comic book.

The Man Behind The Curtain

Phillip Allen

Owner, Content Curator, Editor
Lover of Comics
Engaged to be married!

A little about myself

My name is Phillip Allen, I’m a graduate from Humber College Business Marketing program. Venezuelan-born, raised in Peru, but I’ve spent my entire adolescent and adult life between the USA and Canada.

I’m the founder, editor, content curator, and (most of the time) the content writer for Unknown Comics. I am also an experienced web developer and designer, avid comic reader, and sometimes provide some basic consultation to others in the comic creating industry.

I started Unknown Comics because I want to make my own comics, but I didn’t know how to start. So instead I’ve begun my journey by sharing my research with the entire comic creating industry. Hopefully, by sharing what I learn others, and myself, may have a better chance at creating a successful comic.

Thank you very much for all your support and I hope you enjoy my articles!