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  • Using Social Media To Sell To Comic Readers Article Poster
    Using Social Media to Sell To Comic Readers
    September 22, 2017
    For comic creators, using social media to sell to comic readers can be a daunting and scary task. This article addresses some tips and tricks that make selling your work go smoothly and effectively.
  • Selling Comics To Comic Readers Article Poster
    Selling Comics To Comic Readers
    September 8, 2017
    After spending so much time writing about why and how you should sell comics to comic retailers I thought it fair to share some practices and tools typically used for selling comics to comic readers.
  • What Is A Trade Paperback Article Poster
    What Is A Trade Paperback?
    August 25, 2017
    Trade paperbacks and graphic novels are often miss-used and considered interchangeable. For the sake of clearing things up, I've written this article. I've even created two new terms to help understand.
  • How To Sell Your Comic Article Poster
    How To Sell Your Comic
    August 10, 2017
    After 3 different articles, you are ready to begin learning the different practices used by other comic creators to sell your comic to retailers. You'll be using everything you've learned up to now!
  • Things to Know Before Selling Your Comic Article Poster
    Things to Know Before Selling Your Comic
    July 14, 2017
    If you're looking to sell your comic you're going to need to understand certain things and have some information at hand before even beginning to start planning on selling your comic. Read it here!
  • Types of Comic Retailers Article Poster
    Types of Comic Retailers
    June 30, 2017
    In this article, I’ll be listing out the different types of comic retailers. To recap from last week’s article Selling Comics: Who is my Customer? we learned the reason why comic retailers are the target market...
  • Selling Comics - Who Is My Customer Article Poster
    Selling Comics: Who Is My Customer?
    June 16, 2017
    If you’re a new or aspiring comic creator (I’m the latter) you have probably begged to question “who is going to buy my comic?”, or “who is my customer?”. If you haven’t, well I’m glad you’re reading this artic...
  • Selecting The Right Crowdfunding Tools Poster
    Selecting the Right Crowdfunding Tools
    June 1, 2017
    I've covered the funding options available to comic creators, including crowdfunding. Now let's discuss some of the considerations picking the right crowdfunding tools for your comic creating project.
  • Funding Options for Comic Creators Poster
    Funding Options for Comic Creators
    May 18, 2017
    Every comic creator should know of the different options available for funding one's project. Especially the 2 types of funding that you should consider. I've even discussed some tools you can use!