What’s Patreon?

For you it’s an opportunity to offer support towards the growth and continuation of the Unknown Comics and the content that it provides.

Patreon works by offering you a chance to offer continuous monetary support month by month. In return you, if what your providing falls under a specific tier you receive a reward. You decide when to stop paying.

To find out more about Patreon be sure to follow this link to check out their website.

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Why Am I Using Patreon?

Since January of 2016 Unknown Comics has been providing valuable content to the comic creating industry at no cost to it’s readers. And I would very much like to keep it that way. Using services like GoogleAds would not only ruin the experience that my readers have when navigating the website, but are also an inconsistent source of funding.

But as you may know, running a website, creating content, and looking to grow readership is in no way free of costs.

Patreon gives me a chance to continue doing what I am doing while asking for a small donation from my readers. The donations can be as small as $1-$5 a month or more. While also giving me a means to provide rewards and communicate with my supporters directly on a Patreon feed page.

The feed page would be a place where everyone that supports me would get to see behind the scenes to the work that I do and be the first to see how their support is helping Unknown Comics grow.

What Are You Planning On Covering With Your Support?

  • Current Costs

    First things first I plan on using the support I would receive to cover my current costs. Those being my hosting and domain name that I currently pay out of pocket. Once this is covered I can focus on improvements.

  • Quality Upgrades

    I obviously want to improve the level of quality of my work. In order to do this I would need access to a number of different products and services that would help manage and improve the work that I currently handle.

  • Advertising

    Your support will also make it possible to start growing my readership by advertising. Using Google Adwords and paid social media campaigns I’ll be able to introduce my work to more people.

  • Additional Services

    I’d like to start providing additional services on the website. Though managing that sort of thing takes time that I currently can’t justify investing without any monetary support coming from my current work.

  • Writing Frequency

    Increasing the frequency of my writing is another thing I would like to make a reality. If I start making a profit from the content that I create then I can justify investing more of my time. That way I can start working on releasing content once every week instead of two.

  • Different Content Types

    Infographics, podcasts and videos. All of these options and more. I would like to be able to inform all types of comic creators through a variety of different mediums. For one reason, not everyone likes to learn from reading. I want to provide people a choice of how to enjoy my content.

So, What Do You Think?

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